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At Heartwood Home Health & Hospice, we pride ourselves on the quality of care and the comprehensive range of services that we provide to patients within a variety of settings. Comfort — not cure — is at the heart of our services. Great emphasis is placed on controlling the patient’s pain and all attendant discomforts.

Hospice care is usually started when life-limiting illnesses arise and hospital care is no longer feasible or desired.

The benefits of in-home hospice care are many.

The chief benefits of hospice are:

  • Patients receive ongoing medical treatments in familiar and comfortable surroundings.
  • Families remain intact, and can provide any additional support as needed. We do not replace your family members. We work with them and help them adjust to a situation that is new to them, too.

Our hospice in Salt Lake City provides dedicated medical professionals to undertake your care. Working in coordination with your doctor’s instructions, our health care providers develop a written plan tailored to your specific needs. Our holistic approach incorporates a full menu of services to optimize your physical, medical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our caregivers comprise nurses and certified nurse assistants (CNAs). They can provide health care in your own home, nursing homes, retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

Nurses provide the health care plans that cover patient needs and schedules. The nurses also attend to the patient’s health and medical needs. CNAs assist with personal needs such as baths and housework.

Each patient is assisted by assigned caregivers and will be visited by the same nurses and CNAs. As such, each patient quickly feels a sense of security, familiarity and trust.

Our hospice in Utah provides round-the-clock service for prompt responses. A nurse is always available on-call: 24 hours each day. We are never more than a phone call away!

Heartwood Home Health & Hospice is both Medicare and Medicaid certified, and we are granted a license by the state of Utah to practice as an out-patient hospice. We only provide in-home hospice services. Our patients are our number one priority. We do not simply accept a patient into our care, we accept a patient into our hearts.

Heartwood Home Health & Hospice is a hospice located in the Salt Lake City area. We respect your right to participate fully in your treatment and care plan, and we hope you will choose Heartwood Home Health & Hospice. We not only care for you — we care about you!

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About Our Medical Director


Christopher B. Valentine, MD, is a board-certified Family Medicine physician with over 12 years of experience, working in both hospital and private practice settings.

The doctor is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

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